Caffeine is found in many different plants, around 60. It is mainly in coffee and cocoa beans, guarana but also tea leaves. As a result, there is also caffeine in your coffee, tea, chocolate, energy drinks, sweets, etc. Caffeine is also in pain killers, because it strengthens the effect and removes the tired effect. Caffeine can also be found under the name Theine, it is often seen as two different substances, but it is the same.

The amount of caffeine per product differs. A cup of coffee can be very strong like an espresso. This is because it contains 130 milligrams per 100 milliliters / gram. While in a normal cup of coffee there is only 50 milligrams per 100 milliliters / gram.

The caffeine is absorbed into the blood and your blood pressure will increase. The effect is greatest in this time period. If you drink coffee with milk and / or sugar, the absorption of caffeine is slightly delayed. It affects your brain and the activities that you undertake. The brain becomes much more active and alert. Your concentration is at its highest point and at the moment it is also good if you are going to exercise because now your muscles work the most efficiently! The fatigue is put on a low level and you feel very energetic.

Between 4-6 hours afterwards

You feel good, satisfied and you have energy left.

Between 2-12 hours afterwards

This varies from person to person, but caffeine leaves your body during this time period. For one, this can already be after 2 hours, while it can take 12 hours for someone else.

Between 12-24 hours afterwards

If you regularly drink a cup of coffee often, or even several times a day, this is the period that you may suffer from withdrawal symptoms such as severe headache and fatigue.

Benefits of caffeine Benefits of caffeine

Coffee has both positive and negative effects on your health. The effects vary per person. This is due to life habits, age, your physical situation and the rate of breakdown.

Positive effects

The most important effect of caffeine is that it stimulates the functioning of the central nervous system. You feel fitter, you no longer suffer from your fatigue and you can concentrate well. It also works economically for the respiratory tract. Your airways become relaxed and so you can breathe better.

By generating energy you can get more out of it during exercise than usual, and then it also helps to suppress your muscle aches. Furthermore, it ensures that the hair follicles last longer, so you are less likely to become bald.

Finally, this substance is known to prevent diseases, ailments, etc. But beware, because if you eat too much, then this benefit no longer applies. So moderate your use so that you can also enjoy this benefit!

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